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How to create a personal chatbot?

Relatively new technology, chatbot is basically a program that allows people to communicate with an application or a computer. There are other names used to refer to chatbots such as intelligent virtual assistants, artificial intelligence assistants etc. It has become a common practice of website owners to take advantage of these chatbots by using them as customer service agents on their websites. Their ability to answer questions posed by customers has given them a lot of popularity amongst companies and businesses so more and more are considering making their own chatterbox. The good news is that the process is quite easy as long as you are using

This is a very unique service that allows people from all over the globe to create their own chatbots. They can make a chatbot that’s as per their preference and use it on their website for a number of purposes. However, there is one misconception about this new technology; most people believe that chatbots can serve no other purpose than providing entertainment. This is not the case. Using chatbots on websites for answering queries rather than establishing an FAQ section ensures a better customer service experience. Hence, customers will be happy with this personal and innovative service.

Another wrong notion regarding chatbots is that creating and managing them is time-consuming and taxing and also requires complex programming. With, the entire procedure is simple and straightforward. They have made certain that just about anyone, with or without any programming knowledge can make their own chatbot. Here are the steps that people have to take for making their own chatbot at

· Creating a free account at

· People can go onto the Create Chatbot option and start making their own chatbot.

· There are various tools available on the website that can be used for customizing the chatbot.

· Now, people can start ‘teaching’ their created chatbot to answer questions. People need to spend time talking to the chatbot in order to ensure it can answer most frequently asked questions.

Your chatbot will be ready after you have completed the aforementioned steps and it can be implemented on a website to serve as a fun marketing tool. The implementation is also an easy process as people can simply copy and paste the code of the chatbot onto their website and their work will be done. The chatbot will be able to provide helpful information to new visitors on the website and aid them in resolving any navigation or other issue they may have.

The best part of using is that it is completely free of cost. You don’t have to worry about making a hole in your budget when you want to create a chatbot for your website. Furthermore, the customization options are also extremely useful because they enable businesses to add a personal touch and creating a chatbot that’s more likely to appeal to their niche market. At, you can also get guidance with their own chatbot or follow the guidelines in the very helpful video on the website for making your own chatbot.